Override the vetoes

The Alaska we all know and love is in danger. The Governor’s unpopular vetoes will increase property taxes, make homelessness worse, threaten public safety, eliminate public radio, and devastate the University of Alaska to name just a few of the ill effects. Economists have warned that these cuts will take Alaska backwards, putting us in a deep recession, creating thousands of job losses. But legislators can fix this by overriding Dunleavy’s vetoes.

A handful of legislators could make a difference. Tell them to save our state and override the governor’s vetoes.

Contact Sen. Mia Costello

Call 907-465-4968

Email Senator.Mia.Costello@akleg.gov

Contact Rep. Sharon Jackson

Call 907-465-3783

Email Representative.Sharon.Jackson@akleg.gov

Contact Rep. Kelly Merrick

Call 907-694-8944

Email Representative.Kelly.Merrick@akleg.gov

Contact Rep. Lance Pruitt

Call 907-465-3438

Email Representative.Lance.Pruitt@akleg.gov

Contact Rep. Sara Rasmussen

Call 907-465-3892

Email Representative.Sara.Rasmussen@akleg.gov

Contact Rep. Josh Revak

Call 907-465-3879

Email Representative.Josh.Revak@akleg.gov

Contact Rep. Laddie Shaw

Call 907-465-4945

Email Representative.Laddie.Shaw@akleg.gov